It is possible just in Russia πŸ™‚

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Yesterday, me and my son, we were fishing… Our catch – two basses, but very very young ones. But it’s ok, we needed them alive, cause in our pond there are too many of fry or how to say… too many small fishes, they even dying, why – I don’t know. My decision is to entry predators πŸ™‚ such life, who will survive will be stronger. Again people do not stop wondering me, few minutes before us, near the lake there were kids with mom ant aunt. Guess what they left after jaunt… piece of papers from ice cream and chips paks… How can you spread anger on the child when mother and other adults showing the example…?

I was proud of my 3 years old sun – he first saw garbage and started to gathering them… After such trip I want to show him more, my duty is to be more conscientious, maybe even to be a superhero for him, to show what is life and what we must to do, to show all duties and all beauties πŸ˜‰Β  I don’t want to be for him old and growler, I want to be a friend.
And I will try not to become such man like these ones in a future πŸ˜‰




Two weeks ago old friends came to visit me, cause now I am preparing my house, I was waiting them in parental sauna. It’s a little house, I even used to live here before marriage. It is a good place for such meetings πŸ˜‰

Study time friends, as yesterday exam times πŸ™‚ Real ZZ TOP… When I was a kid I always wondered, why old guys are bold and even with beards..? Now when I am in the same shoes, I will tell you a secret: at this age hair are growing not to top, they are moving to opposite direction, growing down and even legs feel warmer in the winter with their vegetation πŸ™‚

Time is ticking, but we are the same little boys with own dreams, secrets and naive expectations. People are not changing, few of them are becoming wiser and break principles, starting to tolerate life partners imperfection. Others keep breaking down walls with their heads. Such life. And so it must be. Why? You know the answer, just stop and look around, and it will come himself.


I am 15 – 16 y…

jauns 1

There is a beautiful garden at present, It’s hard to believe that it was just a rye field.


Young, wild and free… and with vegetation on the head.


2008 new year celebration… Blooders Β  πŸ™‚Β  evening theme doctors and sympathizers.

I never liked doctors so much, so when I saw my friends in white, I choose to be a patient πŸ™‚


Good doctor understands your painΒ  πŸ™‚


…with such nurses all days seems like a celebration …



katins 1

You can beat me, but I really do not know who licked all cream…

(not my photo)

doctor r

… well… it wasn’t me… πŸ™‚


…2009 09 made few photos…


The thickest fir in Lithuania. A tree 35 m high and 1.2 m in diameter, the trunk volume 3.87 m. (metric), age about 150 y.


My new “branch cut”


I can not cease to marvel at the trees, no reliable building materials like wood, it is full of magic when alive. Even he died, he can run the environment and people. For example oak in your house destroys viral bacteria. Lying on a bed of oak can treat back pain. In addition to all the advantages it is a natural gift of mother nature. …Or it could simply burn also benefit, the heat needed, especially to me when heating premises need to 8 months a year.


and yet: the most beautiful is alive and verdant trees, as if living monuments reminding that without them the planet we kept going hard...

Β DSC00037

ThisΒ  linden is unique: on its stem verticaly grows 11 separate lindens.





These lindens are already big trees…


Green lush forests, groves

gold outskirts.

Thin My Little Girls,
those who have not yet seen it.

Green green lush forests, it will take us to,
Green green lush forests, it will lead us to.

White, white, adorned it, adorned it!
With blossom!!!!

When will West gloom

With blossom decorate!

White flowers Calamus!

Her sky-blue eyes!

Blooming white sweet flag,
Blooming Ruth Green,
Little Girl Little Bird.

Consolation barefoot,
It sounds dark woods,
Consolation barefoot,
It sounds dark forest.

(“Devil’s Bride” (1973) The most famous Lithuanian musical)

autumn beauty

Found few photos made in 2008 10…









Maybe not the best resolution, all made by phone..

“Who do you think you are, that you can know difference between good and evil?”

from movie (Joan of Ark)



Sun, gentle breeze from the sea, awesome food and good company.

But it was 7 y ago…

Journey continues, with your own expierience, with your own worries. Journey to your own mountain, to the depth of your soul…

What was important at that moment means nothing now, just thoughts about the possibility of choice.

Do we have to stay in the part of the world where we have started our journey? Is that the message from god?

We are traveling around, meeting people, sharing each other, coming back home and feel more emptiness than before.

Is this journey with wrong direction? Maybe the direction is to inner space? For what to buy tickets there?

…I think this is for free, but the distance depends on how you understand yourself…